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**Joining the Growing Club has made me focus on what is important in my business in order to create sustainable growth.

Being a sole trader I found it hard to make unemotional decisions, but working alongside likeminded people, I feel I am in control of my destiny and business growth. Meeting the team of women in the Growing Club has been such a bonus to me and I don’t feel so alone at all now . I know help is always there for me. Thank you to co founders Jane and Rachel. Feel lucky to be part of this wonderful group. – Amanda Gallagher,  Tinbox Angel

**Coming here has changed how I think about my business -L S

**I joined the Growing Club, as even though my business was /  is doing very well, I felt very out of control and overwhelmed that was affecting my mental health.

In the 4 short months that I have been a part of the club the topics that have been covered have really helped me sort out my head and clarify the direction that I want to take my business in. My working days are no longer approached with panic and anxiety – I have carefully crafted plans and timetables that I do my best to work to. I have outsourced work to free up time to do the things that I love, such as design work, and the things that only I can do (at the moment) like my accounts. I have even taken some time for myself and am now doing a weekly yoga class.

I have also found my Growing Club cohort somewhere where I can talk freely about my worries, knowing that I will be listened to with compassion and empathy, and what is said will go no further, and where my successes (however small or personal) will be celebrated. This is especially important as someone who spends much of their working week at home, alone.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Growing Club to any woman who runs a small business, I believe even the most successful of business women would leave the Growing Club even more enriched and empowered than they already are. – TC

**The Growing Club (GC) is an investment of time and personal commitment both to myself personally and my business and also to the other members of our group. 

We meet each month, with paired “Buddy” sessions between GC meetings which gives us a clear structure as well as support, reflection, new skills, understanding and a “safe space” to share and learn – to laugh or cry.

I love my vision board and rewriting and revising short, medium and long term goals is invaluable. 

Thank you Jane and Rachel for your vision and action and all my fellow travellers with growing businesses and opening hearts. – Leah

**The Growing club has come along at just the right time for me and my business!

I first heard about it a few months after handing in my notice to start my own photography and animation workshop business. I was so reassured that there is affordable help out there! The group is a very welcoming space for newbies and more experienced business women to come together to grow our businesses. I quickly learnt the difference between a vision and our goals, and the importance of having action plans to enable our goals to become a reality. I love learning about all the aspects of running a business, and having this clear on my mind as I go forward. The buddy system is so valuable too. I appreciate the 1:1 time to discuss progress and share experiences. A fantastic group!    – GK animator


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