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Creativity for left brain, logical thinkers

October 12 @ 12:30 - 15:00

Creativity for left brain, logical, thinkers.

Much of the time we use the logical side of our brain for problem solving and organising. This is the left brain.

Sometimes when we feel a bit stuck, or in a rut, a burst of creativity helps to move us forward and make progress with our ideas and plans. Creativity stimulates our right brain and often brings unexpected clarity and inspiration.

You will be considerably more innovative in your business if you are accessing both sides of your brain

So, if you would like to access clarity of your thoughts and ideas in a creative enjoyable way, and you would like to learn to use creativity to connect with inner strengths, aspirations and potential, this workshop is for you.

You do not need any prior skill or experience in art!

Come and join us, have some fun and see what happens.

This workshop is face to face at The Growing Club, so there are just 6 places to support social distancing.

All places £10.

Julia Yates is a counsellor trained in expressive art therapy who enjoys applying creativity to everyday problems for inspiration.

Please note that this is a Face to face session and spaces are limited

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