Want to help?

As a small social enterprise doing big things, we are always in need of help.

So if you identify with our ethos and would like to help, as an individual or as part of your CSR, here are a few things you can do…


We are busy doing the work and time is our most precious commodity, so if you have some to give - we want it! You might want to:


- Organise a fundraising event

- Help with a funding bid

- Deliver a training input

- Help us record our work

- Help us raise our profile

- Help with a few DIY jobs​

Donate your time


We always need this, because that's how we create and deliver the good stuff!​


You could:


- Sponsor a place on a course
- Sponsor a course
- Free up resources by paying our rent or phone bill
- Make a cash donation
- Run a fundraising event

Become a sponsor
I was so reassured that there is affordable help out there! The group is a very welcoming space for newbies and more experienced business women to come together to grow our businesses. I quickly learnt the difference between a vision and our goals, and the importance of having action plans to enable our goals to become a reality. I love learning about all the aspects of running a business, and having this clear on my mind as I go forward.


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The women who go through our courses need good support, such as mentors and practical help, such as with creating a website and getting business cards.

Support our women


We need a range of things from printing paper, marker pens, flip chart pads, a new desktop computer and good office furniture…

Support our women

*You could invite us to speak at your event to tell people what we do and why it is relevant.*

*Become a champion – find out what we do and spread the word.*

And of course we are always open to offers!

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