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Funded courses for women who are unwaged 

The Sowing Club

Funded employment skills courses for unwaged women 

The Sowing Club provides funded, employment skills courses for women who are unwaged or deemed to be socially disadvantaged due to one or more of the following circumstances.

  • In low paid work
  • Living on benefits
  • Disabled
  • Lone parent
  • Leaving domestic violence
  • Leaving prison

We will deliver 15 hour courses for any women who is not economically active or who consider themselves socially disadvantaged and would like to explore their options for employment, education or self-employed.*

The courses will look at;

  • your skills
  • what it means to run a business
  • available support

Women completing the course who are interested in starting a business, can then feed into the next start-up course, Roots & Shoots, for 12 months of taught input and support from other women running businesses, to make sure that your business has the best possible chance of growing.

*Please note that self employment is not about zero hour contracts, but learning to run a sustainable business that will enable you to come off benefits and contribute to the community’s economic growth.

This group has been very important because it's helped me to think [...] realise that it is important that women need to share with women to make advances.
the sowing club, logo, pre start-up courses, lancaster

So, what programmes do we run?

The Sowing Club runs a variety of courses at different times of the year.
Our current programme will re-start after lockdown.

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Skills Training Course for Employment and Enterprise

This is a funded skills training course for women who are deemed to be economically inactive. The course will look at problem solving, confidence building, communication skills and more. These sessions are run in small supportive groups.


This course is funded by ESF and the next course will start after lockdown. Please make your interest known by getting in touch.


"This course encourages you to value yourself and your skills, grow in confidence, listen better and be creative."


"It’s an amazing course. It helps women to rediscover their self-confidence and the opportunities around them."


"This will give you confidence in yourself, and motivate you to get to the next step."


"It’s a course to focus on yourself and clarify your goals."

"The Sowing Club has been useful to meet women with tremendous passion for life, brilliant creative ideas and an attitude that will shape a great future for every one of us. Gaining support, being positive and overcoming adversity have been main themes, and I have benefited from the collective knowledge and input from Jane and Mandy. I have particularly benefited from the moral support, and challenges to think and speak positively about the future; to be creative; to get on with it. To believe I can do it. I have benefited from being encouraged about my own ideas and from the positivity in the room... I think the continued surrounding support of the Sowing Club women will be vital to encourage and build my confidence."
- A.T -

Join the Sowing Club

If you are interested in finding out more about The Sowing Club and the programmes currently running, please get in using the contact details below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • 07892 712417
  • The Women & Enterprise Hub, 6-0-5, Alston House, White Cross, Lancaster, LA1 4XQ

Funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Funded by the European Social Fund.