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Get involved with the Growing Club!

There are lots of ways local people and businesses have chosen to support our social enterprise. Whether you’re interested in getting involved by organising fundraising for one of our courses, donating your time, skills or resources… we’d love to hear from you!

How Can I Help?

There's lots of ways you can help and support the work that we do. Whether that's volunteering your time, funding one of our courses, supporting our women or providing equipment for our office and workshops.

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Mentoring & Opportunities

Would you like to support a woman starting her own small business? Then why not consider a role with the Growing Club as a mentor or peer trainer.

Would you like to run a fundraiser?

The Growing Club is always looking for funding and support, such as non-tied funding. Perhaps you’d like to run a fundraiser?

"Volunteering for The Growing Club not only allowed me to help women with direction and following their passions in work, but also helped me realise that I want to pursue a career in either social work or youth work so I can continue to help women like these. All of the sessions on the 6 week course were huge amounts of fun, we all learnt a lot and it felt like a sisterhood meeting together despite us almost all starting as strangers. The Growing Club's work has always impressed me as it's looking out for women who would otherwise spend their time looking out for everyone else and possibly neglecting themselves in the process. Actually having an opportunity to work with them was one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of my life and I hope they continue changing lives the way they do."
The Growing Club changes lives in a really supportive, encouraging way. I feel blessed to have found them and am happy to recommend them to everyone.


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*You could invite us to speak at your event to tell people what we do and why it is relevant.*

*Become a champion – find out what we do and spread the word.*

And of course we are always open to offers!

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