Bridging the gap in business education for women…

Choose to Challenge

International Women’s Day 2021

Today is International Women’s Day 2021 (IWD), where we celebrate achievements and gains in gender equality, whilst still continuing the challenge to strive for further

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COVID-19 support

Wellbeing in March

Heading into spring with bounce or do you need a little extra support? However you’re feeling, we’ve got you covered with another packed month of

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February wellbeing
Lancashire business training for women

Wellbeing in February

New month, new initiatives! We’re still busy creating support systems for women in business, and indeed, all women who would like to access our wellbeing

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This is an introduction to Self-Compassion, by The Growing Club’s Wellbeing officer, Sarah Ludford. Sarah will be running a Self-Compassion Series, starting on the 26th

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Winter Wellbeing
Goal setting

Winter Wellbeing

Join us over the festive period to reflect back on 2020 and get ready to embrace with positivity, whatever 2021 will bring. To help you

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