Marketing Buddy Project 

As a grassroots social enterprise we love nothing more than to get new ideas from participants and the team. This term two of those ideas are:

  1. Profiling the wares of a different maker each month in our training room, as we have a lot of foot-fall, and…
  2. Piloting a Marketing Buddy project 

What’s that ? you ask. 

Well, it came about from a discussion with Nicola Garrett, based on, how great would it be if someone else loved your business and helped you promote it.

And this is what emerged… 

  • Does it sometimes feel hard to promote yourself and your biz? 
  • Do you see other women in biz and have great ideas about how they should be “out there”? 
  • How would you like someone to do your business marketing for 3 months?  

Well, read on… 

We are looking for 6 women to take part in a Marketing Buddy pilot scheme. Watch Nicola talking about the pilot project here.

Criteria for participation: 

You must: 

  • Have been running your biz for at least 12 months 
  • Have an above basic understanding of online marketing 
  • Be willing to commit at least 3 hours a week to marketing your buddy 
  • Commit to 3 months 
  • Participate in monitoring and evaluation of your learning and experiences of the pilot 

You do NOT have to be a marketing expert, you just need to love the idea of promoting another woman in biz 

And, you can attend any of our social media workshops free of change, to boost your skills.  

We will start this project after Easter. If you’re game, email now with details of your business, and your social media accounts.  

What a great idea right! We cannot wait to see what happens.  

If you would like to get involved with shaping the direction of The Growing Club, please email and join our service users meetings.

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