Empowering Neurodivergent Women in the Workplace - A Conference

Empowering Neurodivergent Women in the Workplace – A Conference

We are excited to announce an event which is set to spark conversations and champion an inclusive and more productive workforce.

Join us for this half-day conference, where we will be discussing women, neurodiversity and workplace inclusion.

Taking place on the 23rd of November, we will come together to investigate workplace shifts that will benefit everyone.

Angels' Den

Angels’ Den is finally back!

So, Angels’ Den is finally back! The event you’ve been waiting for, and the event we are so excited to put on again. 

The premise of the event is much like the popular show Dragons’ Den, budding entrepreneurs have a few minutes to pitch their start-up ideas to a panel of businesspeople. The twist here is everyone will be a winner. On the night, entrepreneurs from The Growing Club’s start-up programme, Roots and Shoots, will have a few minutes to pitch their start-up ideas to our panel of business “Angels”.

After all the pitchers have gone, the angels will discuss between them who can best support each woman. Everyone will be coming away with something, and it’s a great opportunity for businesses in the local area to support entrepreneurs, as what could be a small thing for one business could make all the difference to a start-up.

On the evening there will be fine company, an opportunity for networking, along with a buffet and some mulled wine, juice or hot drinks.

In the next few weeks, we will be announcing our angels. We have some familiar faces, welcoming back the support of the Chamber of Commerce, and some new faces as well. The offers from Angels are ranging from website design, accountancy, to business development and marketing strategies. So, make sure you keep your eyes on our social media accounts for these announcements, where you can follow these angels and see what there is on offer.

This event really encapsulates what we value here at The Growing Club, community, and mutual support. Mandy Blackwell, who organised the last Angels’ Den event back in 2018, said it was so special to her to have been involved in the organisation of the last event, and to be a part of an entrepreneur’s journey of starting out with an idea and seeing that idea come to life. For her now, it’s great to see years later that there are women who pitched and have businesses which are still trading.  

It’s an amazing opportunity to get that confidence boost which allows an entrepreneur to go self-employed.  Wendy Jones was pitched at our last Angels Den event and said that having the support from her Angel gave her that confidence to take that step and go fully self-employed. Also, having only 3 minutes made her home in on what it was she wanted. 

So, this is why you should come along to this event. The evening will be celebrating mutual support and be a great night of showcasing the amazing entrepreneurship and creativity which is here in Lancaster. It’ll be a special opportunity to be a part of a woman’s step towards realising her entrepreneurial dreams.

When: 30th of November

Where: Health Innovation Centre, Lancaster

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