Empowering Neurodivergent Women in the Workplace - A Conference

Empowering Neurodivergent Women in the Workplace – A Conference

We are excited to announce an event which is set to spark conversations and champion an inclusive and more productive workforce.

Join us for this half-day conference, where we will be discussing women, neurodiversity and workplace inclusion.

Taking place on the 23rd of November, we will come together to investigate workplace shifts that will benefit everyone.

During the day, we will be having conversations with employers, policymakers, and neurodivergent employees, to delve into diversity and inclusion and discuss the role of employers when breaking the barriers faced by neurodivergent women in the workforce.

Why does it matter?

Compared to men, the rates of under-diagnosis and late diagnosis in women are stark.

Many factors contribute to why this occurs, but some major consequences are that many women are not working to their strengths, burning out, and leaving the workforce as they are not being adequately supported.

This has led to workforces and employers losing out on a wealth of creativity, lateral thinking, problem solving, innovation and access to deep levels of focus due to their neurodivergent staff being asked to put their energy into the wrong things. Until there is a cultural shift towards valuing neurodivergent talent, this will continue. The costs of higher levels of neurodivergent people in prison, being unemployed, and leaving school early will also continue until this pattern will is disrupted.

The model of workplace adjustments for neurodivergent people operates on a deficits-based system, where individuals are assessed upon what they can’t do rather than what they can. Whilst it is true that there are challenges associated with being neurodivergent, these are heavily exacerbated by the fact that we don’t create environments where neurodivergent people are able to thrive. It’s time we change this, and there are various small changes that can be implemented and benefitted from quickly and easily. These changes can be as simple as reserving seating in areas with reduced noise for staff who are more affected by sensory issues.

What took us to the event?

With a strengths-based approach in mind, we have been speaking to neurodivergent women about their experiences of being supported in their workplaces. Through this, we’ve gained invaluable insights into what kind of environments, workplace structures, and communication styles have been helpful, and are generally good to adopt.

Some of the workplace adjustments that have been flagged as being helpful are as simple as flexible working policies and the implementation of clear structures for communication between members of staff, and with management. Many changes that have been discussed would in fact benefit the whole workplace, not just neurodivergent staff.

Who should be attending?

Employers, policymakers, researchers and neurodivergent individuals are welcome to join this event. If you are eager to support neurodivergent talent, explore inclusion policies, and network with like-minded individuals, sign up today as places are limited.

We will kick the event off  by sharing some of the knowledge gathered from the past few months. We will then have 2 further speakers who will explore these themes, followed by interactive workshops which will spark conversations. During this time, participants will be put into groups to work together and plan actions towards achieving a cultural shift to foster an inclusive environment.

How to Participate?

If this sounds like an event you want to join, register HERE. For employers and policymakers, it will cost just £10, which includes refreshments and a light lunch. Neurodivergent women who have supported this campaign will be sent a free ticket.


Mark your calendars and get excited to discuss neuro-divergency in women in the workplace! The event will be held at The Health Innovation Campus from 9.30 – 1.30, on the 23rd of November. Make sure you get your tickets today via Eventbrite!

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