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Peer Listening Project: Our Second Course Launches

Peer Listening: What is it?

Sometimes, we just need to talk and be listened to, without interruption or judgement. Our Peer Listening Project will give you the opportunity to be listened to. It will also be a chance to explore how to create a space for others, how to listen and how to take care of ourselves whilst listening to others.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still rumbling on, we have experienced first-hand within our network and beyond, that women are one of the groups who have been more severely impacted. This also backed up by government data and outlined in their Policy Paper – COVID-19 Mental Health and Wellbeing Recovery Action Plan.

Having a safe space to talk, where we can share what is going on for us, means that we can gain more clarity within our lives and feel heard. The power of being able to talk and really be listened to, cannot be underestimated.

True listening skills are valuable in everyday life and you will learn and build on these skills within the weekly supported sessions, led by Sarah Ludford and Hannah Ehlert.


The Peer Listening course will run via Zoom on a Wednesday 10.00am-12.00pm, for five weeks. The project begins with an introduction session on the 9th June and starts on the 16th June for five consecutive weeks.

At the end of the course, you will be partnered with a listening buddy from your course. This is a requirement as a course commitment. This will allow you to continue to experience regular, mutual listening support on a long-term basis.


This is a part-funded course by Rosa‘s Covid-19 Response Fund, so costs are able to be kept to the minimum. The course is £25 for women, but if you are in hardship or unwaged, funded places are available. Please contact Sarah Ludford for further details:

How to apply

You can apply for the free Peer Listening taster session on Eventbrite here. The full Peer Listening Project can be found here, via a separate Eventbrite link.

Please contact Sarah Ludford for further information or questions:

Some of the benefits of taking part in a listening partnership include:

  • improve listening skills
  • improve relationships
  • a chance to regularly speak and be heard
  • gain clarity about what is important to you 
  • improve mental health and wellbeing
  • reduced anxiety and loneliness
  • become comfortable listening to others 
  • connect with others 
  • improved sense of self-worth

Watch our video on Peer Listening, what it is and what to expect from our course.

Here are some quotes from women who have previously attended The Peer Listening Project:

“Having a Peer Listening partner has allowed me to offload the clutter that builds up on a daily basis. Running a busy business and working with a wide variety of clients, leaves my head feeling continually pressurised and less able to make clear decisions with ease.

“During listening sessions, I’m able to gain clarity on many issues, where ideas and concepts drop into place – they almost untangle – and I am a more effective practitioner in my business. Being able to reciprocate with my listening buddy is a pleasure to allow her the space to explore her daily goings-on in a non-judgmental and empathetic environment.”

“The Peer Listening Project has helped me in two ways:  1) I now feel able to listen in a more focused way, and will take this forward with me in all areas of my life, and 2) Having a listening buddy is a lovely concept and is helping me feel listened to. I’ve also met a lovely group of women in the virtual sessions!”  

“The project has given me chance to learn and practice listening skills with a great group of people, my confidence has increased, I feel in a much better place and less isolated.”

“An excellent set of tools to use in different areas of my life as well as within listening partnerships. It has given me my first listening partner, which is wonderful and I have already gained so much through this in just a few short weeks. I have been able to alleviate some really difficult anxiety through the listening partnership, which I am so grateful for. Having access to other listeners via the WhatsApp group is an invaluable resource too.”

“The Peer Listening Project has enabled me to look at how I listen to people in every aspect of my life: work, family, friends etc. As a result, I feel I now focus better on listening.”

“Listening sessions with peers (through the project) have afforded me a degree of connection which I often miss due to spending too much time alone.”

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