My hormones, my business

My Hormones, My Business…

Have you ever felt like you have zero motivation one day in your business, with irritating brain fog and fatigue? Then the following week, you feel the opposite: a clear mind, good energy, and generally, on top of your game? Yep, hormones!

What are hormones?

The word hormone is taken from a Greek participle and means “setting in motion”. Hormones are molecules that are produced within your body by the endocrine system. The endocrine system is basically the internal messenger service of humans. Hormones help to regulate your body’s processes, like blood sugar, blood pressure, hunger, sleep, etc.

We often underestimate how our hormones can affect and impact us from day-to-day. However, we can learn to work with our hormones, and understanding the phases that our bodies have.

Harmonious Hormones

Join Nicola Garrett for this insightful workshop, where she will help you understand how to make the most of working alongside your hormones.

Nicola is a specialist massage therapist, trainer, and workshop facilitator. She will guide you through how to develop an awareness of those days when you will feel more dynamic and use them as good opportunities to focus on more challenging work tasks. And those days that are less energetic and are better suited to being a duvet day. The session will finish off with a relaxing meditation to leave you calm and collected.

This Zoom workshop is for all those who menstruate and those who are journeying through the vicissitudes of menopause.

Wednesday 29 September, 19.00hrs – 20.30hrs. Tickets are just £10, and as always, free places are available for women in hardship. Please email for more details.

Book directly via our Eventbrite link here.

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