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Healthy You, Healthy Biz

October 18 @ 18:30 December 6 @ 19:30

Healthy You Healthy Business is a Growing Club programme for women running businesses, funded by Sport England.

What’s it all about?

At the Growing Club we work with women to start and  grow sustainable business. However, what we have noticed  is, all too often, women are not taking care of themselves, because they are so busy with all the demands made upon them. When it comes to self care women say things like;

    • I feel guilty about taking a day off.

    • Fear of failing, I push myself harder than I probably should, no down time and rarely a day off.

    • Unable to switch off and totally relax.

We know that is not sustainable, and sadly the stats back that up. We were shocked to discover that each year twice as many women die of a Stroke than breast cancer – did you know that?   And Stroke risk is a third higher for women in stressful jobs – because we eat fast food, self medicate, stop exercising and put weight on. Heart disease kills six times as many women than breast cancer every year. In the UK an average of 65 women per day die of heart disease!

The crazy thing about those statistics is that we could really reduce those figures with some simple life style changes. And that is what Healthy You, Healthy Biz is all about. 

We all know…

    • Put your own oxygen mask on first.

    • You can’t pour from an empty cup….  etc,

We know it, but we don’t act on it and in fact self-care becomes just another stick to beat ourselves with, as we try to relax slumped exhausted on the sofa with a glass of wine and bar of chocolate scrolling Facebook.

The aim of this initiative is to use The Growing Club ethos that women have come to trust; peer support, buddying and creating a safe space, to work together as a group on an 8 session course with a pick-and-mix exercise programme, including dance, strength work, walking, yoga and pilates. Plus, because we have found women are unable to relax, we are also adding simple mediation and self massage. We believe that if we can learn to relax we are more likely to be able to jump off that hamster wheel and make time for ourselves generally.

So this is an 8 session course, running Friday teatimes, that will be fun and supportive with great tutors who have themselves been through The Growing Club programmes.

Can’t do this one? Don’t worry, there will be another one after Christmas, so look out for details on our Facebook page.


October 18, 2019 @ 18:30
December 6, 2019 @ 19:30
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