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Wanted: Growing Club Mentors!

We’re looking for new volunteer mentors!

Our successful mentor training programme is running again, aiming to train existing women in business to support other women who are beginning their business journey with their own startup, after they complete their Roots and Shoots programme.

Remember those difficult days of starting your own business? Could you be the mentors we’re looking for at The Growing Club CIC? If you’d like to help support a woman startup during those early days, and access valuable mentor training, read on.

Undertaking training and being a mentor will strengthen your leadership skills, support your continuous professional development (CPD) and also enable you to apply for paid mentoring opportunities.

It’s such a powerful thing to see a woman start to realise that they do have the skills, they do have the knowledge, and they can do it!

Nicola Combe

What is mentoring like?

“I’ve been mentoring at The Growing Club CIC for almost three years now. In that time, I’ve seen my mentee’s business go from an idea, to a plan, to a business, to a very successful business.

“It’s such an amazing thing to help another woman turn their initial thoughts into something tangible, and then onto something that supports them financially. But not only that, it’s a privilege to be able to be there for them, seeing them grow in confidence and knowledge and overcome all sorts of challenges.

“Mentoring isn’t like consulting – that’s what I used to do in my previous role. Consulting is being the expert, imparting that knowledge, telling others what to do, so to speak. Mentoring is much more of a two-way process. It’s listening to the issues and signposting answers, discussing challenges and letting someone come up with their own solution. Hand-holding in some ways really. But letting the mentee grow as part of it. It’s such a powerful thing to see a woman start to realise that they do have the skills, they do have the knowledge, and they can do it!

“My role, as well as taking on a second mentee, is now to support all our mentors. Those who have been in the role for a while, those who are new to it and also those who are just joining our Mentor Programme. Training, discussion forums, running the support network so that all Growing Club mentors feel they have peers they can call on for advice and guidance. 

“Being a mentor not only gives value to my mentee, but to me too. I learn so much through looking at problems in a business so different to my own. Gaining that sense of satisfaction when the woman you are assisting overcomes a challenge, takes a step forward or makes a new sale. It’s exciting!

“Joining us as a Growing Club mentor is a commitment – initial training, monthly mentoring sessions and bi-monthly support forums. But you will get so much out of it and I am convinced it will help you in your own business too.”

What commitment is required?

Mentors are required to provide one hour each month of direct mentoring, starting in autumn 2022. You will also be required to join the Mentor Forum for one hour every other month, for good practice support (via Zoom).

Training Dates 

There are two training sessions that need to be completed and you have the option to attend face-to-face, or via Zoom. Mentors can choose which one to attend, but both Sessions 1 and 2 must be completed.

Session 1 – Tuesday 21st June: 1 – 4pm, face-to-face, Lancaster.

Session 2 – Tuesday 28th June: 1pm – 2:30pm, face-to-face in Lancaster.

Session 1 – Wednesday 22nd June: 9:30 – 12:30pm, Zoom. 

Session 2 – Wednesday 6th July: 9:30am – 11am, Zoom.


You can register via Eventbrite here, or alternatively, email to receive an application form. A call with the tutor will also be arranged.

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